You know how excited we were to introduce the entire line of EDGE FOAM & WOOL BUFFING PADS the 5-color, 5-texture system from heavy cutting to the finest polishing.  I have personally used all of these pads and, as your customers have told you, they really do make a difference!

The EDGE pads build profits for dealerships, detail shops, carwashes, body shops, and other users around the world by helping them buff better, faster, and safer.  To further enhance the EDGE buffing system we at DISTINCTIVE DETAILS have developed a complete line of COLOR MATCHED products to go hand-in-hand with the EDGE pads.  Check these out!

      3308  BLACK MAX black heavy cut

      3309  CHAMPION yellow medium cut

      3310  DOUBLE DUTY green light cut/polish

      3311  SPARKLE blue finish wax

      3315  ELEGANCE white ultrafine polish

Now your customer can easily match the right product with the right pad.  No guessing, no testing, no mismatching product to pad.  As an example, for heavy compounding you can recommend 3308 BLACK MAX and the black 84108 EDGE WOOL PAD or 85108 EDGE FOAM PAD.


We offer every type of EDGE pad from foam, wool and combo pads to DA orbital-style buffing pads . . . plus top-quality backing plates, FoamTip detailing cleaners and more.  Simplify your selling with one-step shopping.  And let your customers know too how great this team works for them.  Remember


EDGE makes the pad

DISTINCTIVE DETAILS makes the difference!

See the enclosed pages for more product information.  Find out more about EDGE pads online at or


Please give me a call with your questions.

Don Cornelius


2004, Distinctive Details Inc.