Our commitment to excellence begins with a commitment to quality.  Total quality manage-

ment is not only essential; it's inspirational.  At the end of the day quality is what our customer says it is, not what we say it is.
Dave Neiheisel
Plant Manager/ Quality Control


     DISTINCTIVE DETAILS commitment to "partnership marketing"
 provides an efficient, cost effective method for manufacturers and 
marketers to quickly and easily introduce their own branded line
 of reconditioning products.

     The DISTINCTIVE DETAILS private label program is designed
to maximize flexibility and custom satisfaction.  Our high-volume
manufacturing facility provides economies only available through
such partnership programs. This productivity has made us so competitive
that our customers quickly discover that we deliver the highest quality 
product at the most efficient cost.
     Today, we provide full service private label programs to our customers
internationally including artwork, packaging design, formulating and
product manufacturing.  Our private label customers have the option
to chose from a full assortment of proprietary brand products or 
custom formulated, designed and produced products.
To find out more about DISTINCTIVE DETAILS private
label manufacturing program call:

Don Cornelius at 1.800.711.7021

 1.800.243.5389  Fax: 1.877.439.0588


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